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Audio Engineer
ATL, LA, NY – Worldwide
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Professional Video Film Maker
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About CJCIIMogul In The Making

Audio Engineer

Pro Tools HD Certified, 5 years experience working in the industry. Clients include but not limited to various song writers, producers, artist and labels including but not limited to Universal/Motown, DTP and Compound Entertainment/DefJam.  Serving Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, London & Australia.

Filmmaker Editor

2 Years of experience and understudy with D/P Nathan Cheuvront of Intentuous. Film with DSLR and edit with Premiere and Final Cut. A cinematic style shooter/storyteller specializing in- Behind The Scenes, Wedding, Sports Highlight/Training and Event Coverage.

Creative Consultant

Providing expertise in branding and digital marketing strategies for start up and existing business entities, specifically video and audio needs; creating a guaranteed product to clients liking. Working with non-profits, start ups and churches. Have contracted to Atlanta Hawks, ESPN and CNN in the past.

Service Breakdown

  • Engineering
  • Filmmaking
  • Consulting


  • Audio Engineering
  • $45.00/hr.
  • Tracking, Mixing, Field Recording
  • Vocal Production Add $25.00/hr
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  • Filmmaking Editing
  • $50.00/hr.
  • Up to 8/hrs of filming.
  • DSLR Filming/Final Cut Editing
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  • Creative Consulting
  • $200.00/day
  • Discussion of your projects or ideas.
  • Audio or film or both
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A Collection of Quality and professionalism

Intentuous Films
Through The Veil Wedding Films
The Skill Factory


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